A l’entrainement, comme en course, repoussez vos limites. A bloc sur le plat ou en bosse, le TCR Advanced Disc est léger, rigide et rapide grâce à ses tubes redessinés, ses freins à disques intégrés et son dégagement plus important au niveau des pneus.
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Reengineered with updated aerodynamic tube shaping in the headtube, downtube and fork, plus added clearance for larger diameter tires, this all-rounder delivers outstanding on-the-road efficiency. The Variant seatpost adds just enough compliance to give it a balanced, race-tuned feel on the road. And with its integrated disc-brake technology, it’s an all-weather, all-conditions race machine.

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Advanced Composite
Compact Road Design
Tige de Selle Variant
Tubeless System
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TCR Advanced Disc